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Five Questions with Cassidy Davis

In our last edition of Five Questions, we spoke with Victoria Gingrey of Kitsap Credit Union. This month, we’re joined by chapter member Cassidy Davis who serves as chair of PRSA Puget Sound’s scholarship committee. In that role, she helps to oversee fundraising, promotion, and applicant evaluation for the chapter’s Sally Heet Memorial Scholarship and the Horace & Susie Revels Cayton Scholarship.

Welcome, Cassidy! Can you start by telling us a little about yourself?

I graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage with a degree in Journalism and Public Communications with an emphasis in strategic communications. This career path was well suited for my interest in working with people and storytelling balanced with the enjoyment of writing and creativity. I currently lead communications and administration for Conrac Solutions, managing the department that oversees internal and external communications, marketing and administration.

Why did you join PRSA and how is it you landed at the Puget Sound chapter?

As a student, I started attending the PRSA Alaska Chapter’s monthly professional development programs and eventually became involved with the Public Relations Student Society of America Seawolf Chapter as co-president. After graduating, I served in various Alaska Chapter volunteer capacities including time on both the publicity and programming committees along with time as a board member. Eager to stay engaged and continue receiving value, I joined the PRSA Puget Sound Chapter after moving to Seattle. Here, it’s been fantastic to attend top-notch professional development programs, network with resident industry professionals and give back to students and the local PR community through the scholarship committee.

One of the more significant projects you’ve been working on at PRSA Puget Sound is the chapter’s scholarship committee. Can you tell us a bit about the scholarship program?

The scholarship program provides aspiring PR professionals visibility within our vibrant communications community and helps ease the increasing financial burden of pursuing higher education. In addition to recognizing promising students who excel in academics and extracurricular communications activities, the program allows professionals from the local community the opportunity to give back and invest in the future of the profession. Consider making a donation to the scholarship fund here!

Is there an upcoming PRSA or PRSA Puget Sound event you’ve circled on your calendar as a “must attend”?

I am very excited to attend the half-day “Placements without Pitching” workshop, presented by Michael Smart on August 6, 2019. As media relations is a foundational facet of PR, the constantly evolving media landscape leaves many professionals in the dark — especially if media relations is only part of your daily professional life. Working in such a niche industry, I am specifically looking forward to learning about tools to determine the channels and outlets that matter most to key audiences along with more detail about “third-party influencers.”

Beyond PR, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Like many from the Pacific Northwest, I enjoy the outdoors via hiking, camping, canoeing or sightseeing. I also enjoy crafting – from apparel print design to soap and jewelry making, you’ll soon be able to find me at one of the many farmers markets Seattle offers.

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