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New Year, New Intentions, New Conversations

PRSA Puget Sound’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee

As we embark upon 2021, with a renewed energy, the Puget Sound chapter is committed to being the archetype for impactful leadership in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within the communications profession. The new Diversity and Inclusion committee is focused on increasing the multicultural representation of the chapter as a means to elevate awareness of the significance and value of advocating for inclusion in the profession and organization.

Through the adoption of national PRSA’s D&I mission, we have outlined programs and identified speakers that will spark conversation regarding justice and inequality. These will be frank, uncomfortable conversations on topics like normalizing equity and diversity in business and the vitalness of DEI in the workplace.

The committee chaired by Hallie Fuchs also welcomed two new members, Board Member/Diversity Liaison Octavia Bostick and Nashika Stanbro.

We invite our colleagues to engage and participate in this year’s D&I programs, read our monthly blogs and attend our diversity month happy hours as we learn and grow together.

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