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Programs are Back!

Kelly Guenther 
PRSA Puget Sound


Hey PRSA Puget Sound Members!

We’re happy to announce programs are back! And that we’re adding even more value to your membership.

All of the virtual communications the pandemic forced upon us have created something positive — access to programs we’ve never had before. In fact, the Silicon Valley Chapter is even letting us join the amazing programs they’re creating every Friday.

PRSA Puget Sound is producing a monthly series of programs called “The New Normal — PR in Times of Pandemic."

First up will be “A Word from Our Governor…” and will focus on what the phased approach means for professional communicators, their organizations and employees.

And all PRSA Puget Sound members are invited to watch Silicon Valley’s Friday Forum series on Facebook Live every Friday at 11 a.m. The series is available without registration by jumping on their Facebook group. You can even watch past Silicon Valley programs at The past events section of the Silicon Valley website is also where information and past event recordings can be found.

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