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Words matter: Stand up against COVID19 anti-Asian rhetoric

Alicia Lawver, APR
President, PRSA Puget Sound


In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Month, PRSA Puget Sound stands in support and solidarity with our Asian American members, neighbors, friends and colleagues. We condemn the recent anti-Asian racism and rhetoric that has been increasing during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

As communicators and public relations professionals, we know: Words matter.

Our members touch thousands of public issues, business strategies, community celebrations, news events and media projects; it is our duty to share truth and call out injustice. Phrases like “Chinese virus” or “Kung flu” being used flippantly by politicians and the general public are uncalled for, wrong, and should not go unchecked.

ACRS, the Asian Counseling and Referral Service, has resources and advice to share:

• Report and track incidents of anti-Asian racism visit
• Learn about how you or your friends can respond and intervene to anti-Asian racism you can check out this quick Teaching Tolerance guide or Hollaback!’s bystander intervention training.

Let’s learn how to show up.

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