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It's OK to Not be OK

Alicia Lawver, APR; President, PRSA Puget Sound 

It's OK to not be OK.

Some of us are struggling with layoffs, others with heavily increased workloads. Some of us are frazzled trying to work from our dining room tables, others stressed to still be out in the world as essential workers. Many of us are grieving not being able to comfort or celebrate loved ones. And none of us really know what tomorrow will bring.

As COVID-19 continues to change our worlds in ways we never imagined, 2020 will look a little different as we adapt, pivot, and seek new ways to share knowledge, learn new skills, and support each other through this time. 

Some updates and things to watch for from PRSA Puget Sound:

  • Totem Awards are going virtual. While we can't have events right now, we can definitely celebrate and honor our Totem Award winners. More details to come as we finish planning what this looks like. 
  • "Coffee Chats" have begun. These 30-minute Zoom meetings are a free opportunity for PRSA Puget Sound chapter members to check in with your fellow professionals and swap tips and resources. 
  • Online crisis resources are available. PRSA has compiled an array of resources and webinars targeted to help you respond to the COVID crisis.
  • More virtual panels and events to come! 

Please take care of yourselves, and each other. 




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