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PRSA Puget Sound Launches Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

Diversity. Inclusion. These are words that require intention, and these are initiatives that PRSA Puget Sound is putting some definite focus on this year with the addition of a Diversity & Inclusion Committee. 

This new committee, led by Hallie Fuchs, Public Relations Specialist with Northwest LECET, already has quite the plan for 2020! What you can look for over the coming weeks and months: 

  • A survey about what our members would like to see in Diversity & Inclusion programming, and where resources lie within our existing membership's network. (And where we need to find resources!)
  • Increased diversity of guest speakers and events at unique locations throughout the Puget Sound region.
  • Events and communications intentionally addressing diversity and inclusion topics.
  • Seeking partnerships within our community where we can develop relationships and increase awareness and inclusion. 


Why does it matter? There's the business answer: Diverse teams bring multiple needed perspectives to problem solving and making strategic decisions that more fully reflect client demographics. 

Then there's the simple answer, that our profession and our membership should reflect and celebrate the community we live in. 

As we continue into 2020 and beyond, we want to champion diversity of thought, cultures, disciplines, ideals, gender, disabilities, sexual orientation, and age. We want to be proactive in these conversations, not simply reflective of what could be. 

Inclusion requires action. 


Alicia Lawver, APR

2020 President, PRSA Puget Sound

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