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Periodically, PRSA Puget Sound chapter bylaws are reviewed and amended. As a membership organization, it’s vital we hear from you about any changes to our bylaws since they guide governance and decision-making. This webpage is meant to provide further details about the related bylaws amendments to consider, including context, purpose, and hopeful outcomes.


At the 2019 PRSA Puget Sound chapter annual meeting, the membership present voted to create a Leadership Task Force consisting of those who were Accredited in Public Relations (APR) and non-APR members, to review bylaw amendments regarding credentials for board leadership positions. To inform the Task Force about member sentiment for board positions and leadership attributes, we conducted a membership-wide survey on May 29-June 10, 2020. As you review the proposed changes, please review the survey findings and Report to Membership about the Task Force’s recommendations and proposed bylaw amendments.

Proposed bylaw Amendments

Based on the research and member input received in July, the task force is recommending removing the mandatory requirement that the president, president-elect, Assembly Delegates and nominating committee members must hold an APR. While we believe strongly in the accreditation process, and that it creates a stronger professional and should be a consideration when recruiting future leadership, it should not be mandatory for leadership positions. 

Instead we recommend a combination of desire, time and commitment to the chapter are important considerations for chapter leadership. This is measured in part by a potential nominee’s years in the profession, as a member, and as an active chapter participant. We recommend that an APR continue to be a consideration, though not a requirement, except as required by National. 

Action for PRSA Puget Sound members: Please review the proposed bylaw amendments and attend the Oct. 22 annual meeting to cast your vote.

Why is this important?

For one, as a membership organization, your voice should be heard and your vote counted when it comes to proposed changes to the structure of the chapter. In addition, as you contemplate serving in leadership roles or are curious about board representation, learning more about our chapter bylaws and actions you can take are important steps.

You may also be aware of the chapter’s efforts to increase diversity and inclusion among membership. These bylaw amendment proposals aim to broaden the leadership pipeline, by making chapter leadership opportunities available to more members, and possibly complement the chapter’s overall diversity and inclusion strategy.

Process Timeline

  • July 24-Aug. 7:Member comment period;
  • August 19, 7:30-9 a.m. via Zoom: Final review of Leadership Task Force recommendations by Board of Directors;
  • Sept. 22: Membership email regarding proposed amendments, no later than 30 days before voting occurs;
  • Oct. 22: Membership vote on proposed bylaw amendments at the annual meeting

Leadership Task Force Members

Haley Flanagan, co-chair, Chapter Leadership Task Force

Cindy Sharpe, APR, co-chair, Chapter Leadership Task Force

Mary Barber, APR, Fellow PRSA

Katherine Boury

Cassidy Davis

Janelle Guthrie, APR, Fellow PRSA

Michele Horaney, APR

Jennifer Olegario

Amy Turner, APR, ex-officio, board liaison

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