Outstanding New Member of the Year

This award is presented to the new chapter member who has made the most significant contribution to both the organization and his/her employer, and shown professionalism in the field outside of his or her involvement with PRSA. Eligible recipients in 2015 should have joined PRSA between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015.

2014 Winner

Kate Devaney, Lighthouse eDiscovery, received the 2014 Outstanding New Member of the Year Award.

Past Award Winners

1989   Randy Hurlow, APR
1990   Mark Dyce
1991   Terryl Ross
1992   Stephanie Cline
1994   Rebecca Buxton
1995   Laurel Ruelos
1996   Stacy Hendricks
1997   Paige Ziegele
1998   Lorraine Montez
1999   Not awarded
2000   Christine Gover
2001   Aimee Knox
2002   Maria Or
2003   John Starkweather
2004   Kathryn Reith, APR
2005   Jennifer Hawton, APR
2006   Jeremy Bartram
2007   Jeremy Glines
2008   Forrest Carman
2009   Simon Bowers
2010   Debra Carnes
2011   Not awarded
2012   Lauren Lytle
2013   Emily Nauseda
2014   Kate Devaney

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